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you go make a android edition

We're going to research the feasibility of this in 2020. We have Android dev experience, but we need to make sure it supports all of our technical requirements before we commit to this. Thanks for your interest!


Hello! Say I hope you don't mind asking but will this game be also available on Ubuntu Linux? Because I'm really interested playing this game but all I see are links for windows, do you think this game will be on Ubuntu Linux as well?

We're going to look into building on other platforms in the coming months, including Mac, Linux, and Android.


Hi,the map that is the city Lood City are you still doing or is it ready? Because I want to see a lot how this Lood City is and see the enemies that you will add :3

Thanks for your interest, Galaxy! Lood City is a ways off, but we've already begun planning for it. We have some other areas we will likely be creating first. I'm sure you'll enjoy what we come up with~

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Having just played this I can't wait for more finely tuned version.  I didn't have any performance issues but  their are things in the test build such as low enemy/item count that make it feel a taaaad empty. Also little tweaks like letting the player control the pace of dominant scenes  would be nice both for sense of power and to make earning health back quicker and Joe needs something to do to downed enemies if his attacks are going to end that way.

We are definitely gonna tune the hell out of this game. We are aiming for a polished experience, but it is gonna take some time. We just finished with our RAM fix and other major performance improvements. Now we'll be able to address issues with gameplay and combat, as well as continue to add new features, characters, and animations!


I'm totally keeping this on my radar  you definetly laid a great foundation with what was shown in the free version to keep me interested


Hey, really enjoying the game so far and was curious when we could expect to see an update? This is by far one of, if not the best game, I’ve played on here. Keep up the good work! 

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An update for the public is likely to happen by the end of the year. Since the last version of Pre Edition, we have rewritten a large portion of the game's code to improve performance, and thus we would like to share our progress with everyone. If you are a Patron, you should expect to see an update before Halloween~

Hi how many levels does the game have?

Currently, about four, but some are larger than others.

I am trying to download but which one of the 4 do I download? I have tried all of them but I don't know how to play it when I open the file?

Try the "NEWEST (64-bit): oh-so-hero-v0.10.004-win6" build. If that one doesn't work, go down the list. You need to extract the files from the zip file, then double click on the exe. These are fairly standard PC concepts, so if you're still confused, try searching online for tutorials or provide more details so we can try to help you better.

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Love this game so far! Having an absolute blast! Keep up the amazing work!



Hey im guessing im just bad, but when I try to start the game (I extracted the files) my computer says that it might be of danger and will not let me run it, if I could get some insight on this it would be amazing, future thanks!


It's a false alarm, better known as a false positive. It's because they've never seen this app before. I mean, how many anti-virus companies are gonna be running furry porn games to approve them?


Alright, thanks, but one more question. It wont even allow me to start the game, how do I circumvent this? many thanks.

Can you provide more details on what's happening? The minimum requirements for this game is currently 8GB of RAM. You may not be able to play if you have less. We're working on reducing this requirement, but if you can't run it right now, please wait until we release a new version and try again.


Thank you!


In short, this has the potential to be one of the best gay adult games that's being released recently, and I'm hoping you guys succeed at making it so~ I'm fucking loving it beyond human comprehension so far, keep it up~

That said I noticed you, just recently, with the latest update, switched to Unity I think...? Because there was no option selection in earlier versions before the game loads, like choosing the resolution and window size and all that. However, the controls remapping does nothing. I dunno if you just haven't allowed that option yet, but in sex games like these, it's almost CRUCIAL for a LOT of people, myself included, to be able to modify the controls to suit their own needs. AKA, the possibility to play one-handed of course~ Please add the option to do that eventually. Thank you~

Glad you enjoy the game!

We have always used Unity, but we have temporarily enabled the default Unity resolution picker until we are able to implement these options into the game. The control mapping options in this window don't work, FYI. We'll add control mapping into the game later.


Yeah I figured they don't work. But as long as you plan on adding them at some point it's good to know~ Thanks!

It's loading too long on my pc

Sorry to hear it. The game currently requires a fit 3D gaming machine. We're going to keep working on optimizing our code to make it more accessible to more devices.


You got a future patreon supporter in me my friend!

Everything about the game I loved! From the diverse and unique animations to the simplistic environment and game play.

Would you consider adding Power Bottom animations eventually?

Thanks! We'll most definitely have a power bottom in a future update. Just you see~


Done! Played the entire thing. Had to fight with it a little, but that's likely down to my laptop being a junker. First, the jungle boys (grass skirt crew) spam grapple attacks pretty hard, which is a little annoying as I often couldn't break them (sometimes resisting worked, other times it didn't. Not sure if that's my laptop or a bug). You can't tell when it's going to be a grapple like you can with the little kinks or the pole handlers (nicknames I gave them), so it's hard to boost lust levels if you wanted to check out all the animations.

Secondly, I checked out all the animations. All very smooth, all very much hot. Never known a game where I've enjoyed EVERY animation before, so you're doing something right!

Finally, I like the style and the music is pretty cool, though I have a soft spot for piano tunes. :P

Going forward, I have a few personal wants but I'll be fine without them cos so far I'm enjoying things: Enemies can grapple the Hero when he's defeated. It was a little disappointing that he'd just flop to the floor and not be mounted again. A gallery, obviously, or at least some kind of health cheat (but a gallery would be easier for players). Group animations, however that's more a "full release" kinda goal. Game Over screens that vary (either depending on level or what enemy defeated you). Asking a lot, I know, coding is hard. But these are just personal wants for me, nothing important. ^^

I've really enjoyed this demo. Well, not enjoyed but that's due to extenuating circumstances. XD I hope to see more from you, because this is probably the best "first look" demo I've ever seen and I play a looooooooooooooot of porn games, so it's a pervert's guarantee. :P 

Thanks for the glowing review! We plan to address many of these issues in upcoming updates. Please follow us for more!

Hey, when is the new build gonna be uploaded here?

New content will be Patreon-exclusive until a new public demo planned for 2020.


Pretty awesome so far!  I love how you gave so many different corresponding animation sets for differently triggered events.  Innovative!  Plan on becoming a supporter very soon.    I am also having issues with the swtiches, lol.  They never worked, will try what i read.  Keep it up, thanks!

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I somehow managed to break the levers so hard that not even redownloading the files work. I crashed the game in the forest (I spammed down+x for fun right before it happened), fired it up again and continued. Now the levers don't give me a promt and refuse to function. 

Please help...

It fixed itself. That sure was a thing, though.

Glad it worked! If you ever run into trouble again, try starting a new game or deleting your save file. Location can be found in the Player Guide.

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make a gallery

That's our goal if our Patreon can raise $5000/mo.!

I restarted the game and it still doesn't let me past the crystal part. I downloaded the latest version v0.10.004

Is the next stage not finished yet orrrr...?


It will be coming in a future update!

ohhhh okie. what was added in this latest update?

Bug fixes:

Hey, when is the new build gonna be uploaded here?

Wait i just downloaded the newest version of the game and it works with my old game save from v0.10.003. Should i delete the old version of the game (v0.10.003) and start a new save  in v0.10.004? Because i feel like if i continue an old save in the new version of the game its gonna glitch out at some point.


Good question! There should not be any glitches if you keep your save data. We do our best to keep new versions the game backwards compatible with old save data.

Hi! So I have a windows 10 pc and about a minute ago i downloaded the game and followed instructions, but the game freezes once the title appears, what should I do?

Hi! So I have a windows 10 pc and about a minute ago i downloaded the game and followed instructions, but the game freezes once the title appears, what should I do?

every time I try opening the game It continues to freeze after showing the Full Frontal Frog logo and supported by. I tried deleting and redownloading and restarting my computer but nothing will work!


Sorry to hear that. Can you please provide your computer specs or a player log? Your player log can be found at %SystemDrive%\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Full Frontal Frog\Oh So Hero\Player.log


Fantastic so far. Enjoyed playing through once and then decided to speedrun it in 7:42.34

That being said, i did encounter a few bugs:

- glitching into the floor in the forest when falling off a moving platform. It only happened once though and I was able to get out of the floor by mashing buttons

- insane speeds reached with those speed arrows on the final level.  the first time it happened i thought that it was because i had hit the bottom of a platform and then moved out of the way and just figured that the momentum gained from the arrows just added up, causing me to get launched. however, sometimes i'd get launched at ridiculous speeds without bumping into anything.

- got brought down to 0 heath by the brown dinos and didn't die. nothing could attack me when it happened either

- in the middle of the scene caused by seducing a lizard enemy, the lizard attacked me. 

otherwise, fantastic game, and i'm eager to see future developments!

Thanks for playing, and we appreciate the bug reports! We're gonna be releasing a build soon which should fix some of these issues.

Whenever I try to download it says that it's forbidden

That's strange. It might have something to do with your browser settings or possibly your operating system. It could also be restricted by your organization or government, depending on where you are. Do you have this issue on any other sites?


When it comes to downloading, this is the first time. Though I've managed to download it by using the app so I guess it doesn't matter any more


I downloaded the 64-bit version but still have no screen. What should I do?

Sorry to hear about that. Can you please share your computer specs with us? This will help us try to determine the issue.


Alright i started to play the game and finished the the first two maps and i must say its pretty damn good so far. i'll keep an eye on this game because it looks like its gettin good.

Thank you so much!

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The game barely starts up and it starts freaking out on the first loading screen. This gane has an obvious number of problems that you need to fix. I did eventually manage to play it. And uhh... WOW you guys did a pretty good job. 

That ended well! We have been fixing several problems and will continue to do so. If you have any further issues, first make sure you're using the newest build, and then please provide screenshots (or video) and computer specs so that we may investigate and solve the problem. Thanks for your patience while we get this sorted. Ribbit~

When i go to run the game it says "windows protected your pc" and that windows defender smartscreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Is it okay that it says this and i should run it anyways?

and if i do run it then how do i? because i think it might want to keep blocking it regardless if i want to run it or not.


Windows Defender reports false positives. Sorry for the trouble. We will try to take steps to ensure future builds work more nicely with Windows. You have our word we are not doing anything funny to your PC, except hopefully make it a bit more sexy!

#OhSoHero build 0.10.003 is available for 64 & 32-bit Windows with a massive performance improvement!

Hi uhhh for some reason the 32 bit window crashes on me still when it’s on the loading screen is there something I can do to fix that?

Can you please provide computer specs? We're attempting to determine a baseline of requirements, and this is the only way we can be sure. Unfortunately, several people have machines that are simply not capable of 3D gaming. We're always trying to get this game running for more people, so please check back later!


Oh nvm it started working it was the 32 windows that wasn’t but I downloaded the 64 and it works fine great game btw I really love the animations of the game and visuals as well 

Tell when you add for 32bit windows game

It's up!

is it coming to mac


Yes, but we need to fix a water shader issue. Pardon the delay!


its ok and thank you

how to use the elevator

Activate the switch statues by pressing up near them, then you can jump on the elevators with the green stones and press up.

Thank you very much. I have completed the beta process.can't wait to play the official version.

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The game crashes at the Joe loading screen after I click "Start Game". Max loading time was around 5 mins. Wasn't able to play the game, even after 7 tries. This is with the v0.10.002 version.

Please try our new 0.10.003 build!

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I did so and now I can finally play it. Content-wise, it is awesome! The animations are very nice and the design is great. The controls are alright, nothing to complain about that.

A report of interesting stuff and bugs I found:
-The game crashes when I try to go back to the first level and after I got "game over". Game loads other levels and works fine if I avoid the first level and not lose
-I encountered a glitch where after activating the gems to unlock the door to Brask, when I touched the floaty arrows near the start of the level, it sent Joe into a void where he is forever falling and the whole level disappeared except for the still background
-I was able to break the floor boundaries in the forest by standing under the lift when it was coming back down. Trapped poor Joe underneath the level and had to go back to the title screen
-Broke some wall boundaries in the final level by having Joe punch and move through a space where he's supposed to slide through
-Got a small glitch when having fun with Ket. During the animation, it switched to the lizard enemy's forced blowjob on Joe animation. The animation went all the way through, Joe didn't lose any HP, and it only happened once after many tries to recreate it.

Other than that, this is a very good game, even in it's early stages. I'm hyped to see it improve more and more in the updates. Y'all gained a new supporter


That game was very awesome I made it to the demo ending that very great. Plus it was very hot when getting dom or sub. 10 out of 10. Keep it up and hope you have great time making more updates. Also I love the little story it has.

Thank you!

when I load up the game no characters show up. Makes combat nearly impossible. 

Please try our new 0.10.003 build!

game cant run on mine

Please try our new 0.10.003 build!

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Took me a long time to figure out I needed to fuck those strange statures to activate the lifts.

L - sets Lust 100% and lets you masturbate, 1,2,3,4 Zoom levels, esc - pause menu

P.S. keep up the good work! hope this gets better!

Thank you!


At first i Wasn't able play the game due to the 32 bit,but thanks to your Bug update (And a little waiting) I was able to play it!  

The Game is Pretty Good! The Gameplay Is Good,The Backgrounds are Great,and the Animations are Arousing,and I liked what you guys did With some of the NPCs like Ket! (Hope to see more of that~)

Can't wait for future updates!

Thanks! Please try our new 0.10.003 build!

I really need 32 bit windows,it's a good game but I can't play it

We will look into making a 32-bit version next update!

It's up!

when i boot up the game and try to play it, it gets stuck at the loadimg screen

yeah me too

Deleted 331 days ago

Please try our new 0.10.003 build!

Please try our new 0.10.003 build!

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