A downloadable game for Windows

Oh So Hero is a 2.5D Lewd Metroidvania PC game in development

In Oh So Hero, you play the role of the dragonesque hero Joe to fight and fornicate with enemies, build intimate relationships with anthropomorphic characters, and embark on a sex-filled adventure to stop the mysterious alien invaders that have wreaked havoc on Joe's once-peaceful island.

Oh So Hero! Pre Edition (v0.10) is the very first public demo from developers Full Frontal Frog. You can support development and play new versions of the game--with new characters, features, and sex animations--by becoming a patron on Patreon!


We also have an Oh So Hero! FAQ to provide some information on controls and local save data. We'll be updating this, as well as the in-game information, as development progresses. Ribbit~

Install instructions

Double-click the ZIP file to extract the files to a folder, then enter the folder and run Oh So Hero.exe!


NEWEST (64-bit): oh-so-hero-v0.10.004-win64.zip 187 MB
NEWEST (32-bit): oh-so-hero-v0.10.004-win32.zip 182 MB
oh-so-hero-v0.10.003-win64.zip 187 MB
oh-so-hero-v0.10.003-win32.zip 182 MB

Development log


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I really love this game Keep doing this please The animations are very very good and the characters are very sexy and cute!!

im so exite to play! im brazilian and im was trying to found a game like this !


As good as the game is so far. But I feel like the character should have more masculine characteristics. Mainly in his run cycle. Sure a more effminate run cycle is cute. But I feel a more manly run cycle would show off the body much better. Males show off more and fits better. Just put in more energy in the run animation you can even contrast it with a more dainty walk cycle. Maybe even show the in between with a run walk.

I just feel a variety of run cycles in some way would work better.

The game completley froze my computer after the title screen, and this is the first time i treid to play this game


i just download the game, is awesome but i encounter a problem where 2nd level, the forest. i'm stuck as the thing won't move. what should i do?

I thought I was the only one having this issue. Is there a way to go beyond this part? the floating blocks aren't green and activatable at all

Same problem here. Not sure if its just because we are using the demo version or not. Its possible. But if not some help on figuring this out would be great.

You need to activate the mechanics before the floating platform. Press up I remember.

Those areas don't have the mechanic to press up around. I tried pressing up but it still wouldn't activate. I noticed that the platforms that you can activate have a green color on the bottom of the platorm and it tells you to press up near them. However, with the platforms that allow you to progress past the forest, there are no mechanics telling you to press up nor is it green

Sorry, I misremembered. Try go left from the floating blocks. In the end there is a stone statue of some sort of beast. Press up and something naughty would happen. Then the blocks should starting to work.

hello i have a bit of a problem i can't launch the game, i show me the first 2 logo then i doesn't respond and then crash.


Will there be a ANDROID version?


Just in case someone hasn't read the most recent post on Patreon:

"Hey guys. Red here. I've gotten back into the groove of things and should be able to release the minotaur in a work-in-progress state in this month's build (hopefully with some bonuses).

The Pre Edition II public build has also been pushed to next month to allow us to catch up on work. Thank you for your understanding!"

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After this game is finished, are you guys planning to sell it somewhere? Like steam or here on itch.io?

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i'm waiting for new updates to see new enemies or NPC's a few new locations and much more i love your work and keep going i'll be waiting <3 


Your game is the best of all furry porn game! I would like to know if there will be a change in background and objects on 2d?

Sorry for my bad english ><

you guys will warn when Android version comes out ???

É o lançamento da versão Android ainda prevista para Maio?

will there ever be a mac release?

Como lo descargo?

When is the release time of next public version ?


On patreon page full frontal frog says he's showing symptoms of COVID-19. So things will be delayed.

Scroll down a little and you'll see that it was planned for the end of this month.


what's a purpose of that circle on the health bar

That is a gauge that will be used for new abilities down the line!

I extracted the game but it stops responding after the logo comes up

We're planning on releasing a new public version at the end of the month which will fix this!

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Nice game, cool design, everything is smooth

here is one suggestion though that could be really nice  : 

adding configurable keybinds for those that don't have the same keyboards.

keep up the good work :) 

( sorry for bad english i am french )

Thank you! We will be adding control binding in a future version!

do you plan to release oh so hero in other languages?

We would like to translate to other languages. We will need to find native speakers to help.


i speak polish

If you're interested in contributing, please use this form: https://f.ff-f.co/contrib Thanks!


I speak french, I'd appreciate to help. :)

You can message me here : @Younakalibo (Telegram)

Or Discord : Younakalibo#6122

Can you please use this form: https://f.ff-f.co/contrib This will help us keep track. Thanks!


I speak Portuguese Brazil.


I speak Malay and chinese

If you're interested in contributing, please use this form: https://f.ff-f.co/contrib Thanks!

If you're interested in contributing, please use this form: https://f.ff-f.co/contrib Thanks!

I have a problem, the game crashes when I open it appears the frog logo and the unit logo and then it crashes


Sorry about that. This version is quite old. We've made improvements we plan to release end of March. Please check back then!

Can u make a android version later too?


We would like to experiment with making an Android build in April or May, after we've released Pre Edition II. It may or may not be possible. We'll see.

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Hmm... hoping a Mac version comes soon.

We're gonna have our first Mac builds for patrons at the end of the month. It will be available to the public when we release Pre Edition II in March.

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The game always crashes on me. Like when it starts launching it will show the frog and the logo then suddenly blacks out. Can someone help me with it? I've read the FAQs' and I don't see any wrong my part.

So sorry to hear that! This is a known issue that required a major code rewrite, but it is done and fixed now in the build our Patrons are playing. We will be releasing our updated work to the public at the end of March, 2020.

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That's to great know! I'll be waiting for the public version then.

when do you intend to release an android version? I have no more pc.

We would like to experiment with making an Android build in April or May, after we've released Pre Edition II. It may or may not be possible. We'll see.

Deleted 11 days ago

That's never going to happen. Thank god. :V


I think I reached the edge of the world ovo


The version 13.000 will have the public version to downloand free?


We plan to release version 0.15 publicly at the end of next month.

Deleted 163 days ago

Just noticed the dropbox link to the player guide isn't working.


Thanks for the heads up! The info can now be found on our wiki: https://ohsohero.com/wiki/faq

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Hi first of all great game i just wanted to ask i got the power up that lets you smash the blocks in treewish forest but i don't know where to go now is there more or is that the end.

p.s. the version i have is 10.004-win64

In Treewish Forest there is an indoors area passageway with three large grey cubes on the floor. Try using the butt stomp there!

can we get a mac version?

We're gonna look into it in the next month or two!


Yay, cool. Thank you!

any info about a possible mac version yet? >.<

Patrons will see a Mac build by the end of January. For the Public, end of March.


Great to know thanks ^^

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Some of the elevators in the jungle aren't working, is it that the demo ends here or is it a bug?

I'm saying that because I can clearly see in the minimap that I can go further, but I need those elevators to work first.

I would really love to see if the game has more content, thank you!

Hi Astrogalax. In order to use the levers in Treewish Forest, you must find statues and activate them by pressing UP nearby when the prompt appears at the bottom of the screen. We've made some improvements that will make this more clear in the next version of the game. Please read this for more information: https://www.patreon.com/posts/pre-edition-ii-31833297

anyone know how to fix this 

Hi spike. Sorry to say, this error is due to the large memory usage of this older build of Oh So Hero. We have since fixed this, and will be rolling out our fix along with several other new features in our next public build, which we expect to release in the next month or two.

you go make a android edition

We're going to research the feasibility of this in 2020. We have Android dev experience, but we need to make sure it supports all of our technical requirements before we commit to this. Thanks for your interest!


Hello! Say I hope you don't mind asking but will this game be also available on Ubuntu Linux? Because I'm really interested playing this game but all I see are links for windows, do you think this game will be on Ubuntu Linux as well?

We're going to look into building on other platforms in the coming months, including Mac, Linux, and Android.


Hi,the map that is the city Lood City are you still doing or is it ready? Because I want to see a lot how this Lood City is and see the enemies that you will add :3

Thanks for your interest, Galaxy! Lood City is a ways off, but we've already begun planning for it. We have some other areas we will likely be creating first. I'm sure you'll enjoy what we come up with~

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Having just played this I can't wait for more finely tuned version.  I didn't have any performance issues but  their are things in the test build such as low enemy/item count that make it feel a taaaad empty. Also little tweaks like letting the player control the pace of dominant scenes  would be nice both for sense of power and to make earning health back quicker and Joe needs something to do to downed enemies if his attacks are going to end that way.

We are definitely gonna tune the hell out of this game. We are aiming for a polished experience, but it is gonna take some time. We just finished with our RAM fix and other major performance improvements. Now we'll be able to address issues with gameplay and combat, as well as continue to add new features, characters, and animations!


I'm totally keeping this on my radar  you definetly laid a great foundation with what was shown in the free version to keep me interested


Hey, really enjoying the game so far and was curious when we could expect to see an update? This is by far one of, if not the best game, I’ve played on here. Keep up the good work! 

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An update for the public is likely to happen by the end of the year. Since the last version of Pre Edition, we have rewritten a large portion of the game's code to improve performance, and thus we would like to share our progress with everyone. If you are a Patron, you should expect to see an update before Halloween~

Hi how many levels does the game have?

Currently, about four, but some are larger than others.

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