Bug Fix Update for Oh So Hero

Oh So Hero build 0.10.004 is available with new bug fixes!

Oh So Hero v0.10.004 fixes:

  • Can jump through elevators, and won't get squashed by them
  • Rainbow chevron arrows have a speed limit and other fixes
  • Move Cas's House up as temporary fix for strange bug
  • Tone down Lono'e & Amaru grab strengths (sex drive)
  • Add button prompt to power struggle meter
  • Minimap cleanup & more fixes

This is the final planned update for the Pre Edition. What that means is we're gonna start putting in new content, and this will be available in new builds sent directly to our patrons until our next public release. The first new build should arrive end of this month! We hope you stick around for more fun stuff! Ribbit~


oh-so-hero-v0.10.004-win64.zip 187 MB
Aug 19, 2019
oh-so-hero-v0.10.004-win32.zip 182 MB
Aug 19, 2019

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got to cas house and stuck

But the gartis build will have the public version to download free?


Look for it next month!