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Help! I'm in the Brask's forest area, where you need to activate the gems. So far, I have green and blue, can't seem to find the red gem, and I've completely scoured the map, am I missing something? 


go google

Bit late, you probably figured it out by now but did you get the one behind the wall you can slide under?


Love this game, always looking forward to new content! This wiki has a lot of lore for the characters that are not mentioned in the game. I'd think it'd be a great idea to have the friendly characters be a bit more involved into the lore by having tasks or quests rather then just having bit of dialog and a lewd scene after.


God this game is good im so hungry for more content and that content which is already here is great made really "fun" ;) to play it


couldve just said great game 

question. will this be available to purchase here as well or only on steam?

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Yes (to the first part). We don’t have a timeframe for this, but we expect a new version of Oh So Hero! will be made available both here and on Steam.


How can i contact to the dev?


it was okey


I'm still hopeful that this game will be released for mobile platforms



This is pretty gay :O


why is it that most furry games are gay?(atleast from what i can find)


Guessing a public update isn't in the works, at least not this year. That's fine. I'm glad you're doing well financially and in terms of development speed. It looks like you guys have made a lot of progress in the year. Eager to see what else might be released later on.


I think the game is fine, it's a bit short but acceptable, I would recommend that they make more zones and more enemies (I guess the creator had thought of this, in that case this will help you see that people support this idea) also yes no It's annoying, I would like it if the enemies or the character could be changed to male or female (it may attract more attention from people with other sexual tastes since this game is focused on the "gay" label), however, good game.


when will it update? 

Will there be a android version?



just a question but will we be able to access a paid-for version here in the future, to support the devs and such? even if this dormant version isn't being updated, it would be nice i reckon to buy a few copies. damn patreon doesn't work for me so i just buy games here sadly. already got quite a few copies of games here so i'd be willing to support the idea anyways. just an idea anyways.


Quando será a nova atualização publica do jogo?


Wish you guys had a discord so there'd be more places to chat about the game. But oh well, hope the work is going smoothly.

Hi! We have a Discord server for our Patrons. You can access it by pledging $2+ at

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We'll take a look! Cheers~

There is a neat library for that called


I love the design of this game ! I'm doing let's play video of hentai game and I would like to check with you if it's ok to publish videos on your game ? (knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenue from this just like any youtuber but on porn plateform ^^')

Feel free to make videos! Just let people know to join Cheers~


Will you guys create a android version?

its likely they may try. we'll have to wait and see... and probably hope a bit too. 



Hmm i don't know if they gonna make an android ver, but if you wanna play in android you can use joiplay^^

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i wish, joiplay is really faulty, can't run anything even with the extensions and setup stuffs sadly. if you know how to setup this game to work with joiplay, i'd be interested and impressed.

anyways, we can only hope for an android port, as unlikely as it is.

If our next Patreon goal is reached, we will!


Hey, I  have a question, I can change the arrows keys controls to A S W D? And if I could, how? bc using the arrows makes me uncomfortable :(

Hi! Key binding is available in our newest build available to patrons - It's still in a prototype state, but should work for your needs!


Tem plano pra fazer uma versão para Android?

How do I start the game?  It says press x to confirm selection but i can't choose anything, I don't know how to select any of the option

keyboard user use "enter" key

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I have a weird feeling this game is kiiiiiinda dead ? I mean it´s been year and then some since there were any updates soo..?
Edit: just a hitch, I am not sure how the patreon is doing


da patreon was last updated like march 20 2020 so i think its ok

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March 20, 2022* seems like it's still being updated actively on Patreon


Yeah, they said they don't plan on releasing public versions anymore

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ah, damn, what a shame too, i'd buy a copy or two here. already bought multiple copies of other peoples games here. damn.

oh well, at least i can play other lewd games here!

more of a personal note... i dont like patreon, damned annoying platform wont let me set up a card, paypal or anything to support other people there so i hang around here. damned patreon systems are broken. not this game of course, just the website itself



Stay tuned for another public release later this year. We hope to provide a new version you can enjoy!


We are hoping to have another public release before the end of the year!


nice, but there's not enough variety. It has that annoying view about "perfect sex" a lot of furries seem to have. There's foreplay, cum, anal, cum (at the same time). It gets boring to have everything at once all the time. It's like eating cake for dinner every day. Neither healthy nor interesting.

eh but this is just a single criticism, not my view of the whole game. It is hot, it's fun to play, and it has an interesting art style. 

I wouldn't say it's just furries. Most adult games seems to have that "perfect sex" thing about them, furry and humans. Gets kind of dull, but I suppose that's what most people like? Variety would be nice though.

ay but it's in furry everything. regular porn you often have just like, one thing happening. The dudes only cum once and it's not perfectly synchronized. It's probably because the medium doesn't support "perfection." Good for them xd.


Hmm. This imbalance can no longer go unaddressed! I shall make a furry game where the main character is stuck in orgasm denial, and no one will ever experience satisfying sex. It would have to incorporate the term 'Blueballs' into the name, I think.

two wrongs dont make a right!


Your pleads fall upon deaf ears, for Pandora's Box has already been primed and must now be released upon the world.


Needs an M/M only tag somewhere


There is one instance of M/F content, so this would be false. 

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How do you get into ali's surf shack on mac ? Cause i don't see the door to it when passing by it 

The interior of the shop was added in a later version available on


When the next update?


never ofo

cus this patreon exclusive 


Oh so hero will be released for mobile platforms?

that, would be kinda cool as a secondary option. after a few updates and when the game is stable enough, a mobile port or in other words, a lite version would be kinda cool. even if some content needs to be cut, i wouldn't mind.

people are actually making full on 3D games for phones. i can definitely see an android version of the game or something in the future. it will be one heck of a challenge and may need to be done after alot of current content is done... but definitely not impossible from what i am aware of.

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You have to add this game to steam

Of course if Game is in full release

And also this game is very good i love it!

it would brake the rules of steem


It's coming!


nice, I play it for the gameplay B)



where monkey

Love this game, can't wait for more!


you should add a mechanic where if there are 2 enemys near eachother and you start a sex scene then the other will come over and join in 


Will you be releasing this on steam. I LOVE THIS GAME and would love to see you make something on it. Keep up the amazing work, and please consider releasing it on steam. All love Toast

when will the public version get a new update?

o jogo parou de ser produzido? nunca mais tem atualização

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O jogo ainda está sendo produzido, as builds mais novas são para assinantes do Patreon.

Não sei se ainda vão atualizar a versão pública, mas tem uma boa chance da proxima versão pública ser após de terminarem a primeira batalha de boss( que no caso é a batalha contra o Bates, o Dragão)

Se quiser instalar as builds mais novas, vire assinante do Patreon da Full Frontal Frog.


i wish a new actualization of this wonderful game


are you going to launch oh so heroes for mobile? it would be nice to have a mobile version


There is quite a lot to load. Perhaps mobile devices would struggle to handle it without overheating idk


We will make an official statement about Android/mobile in December.

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the game wasn't made with Ren'py, I think the game was made with unity, so JoiPlay can't run the game.

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lança nova atualização por favor

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Thanks! You can find out more about the gallery here:


Really fun game with simple controls and an enjoyable story.  The gameplay is really smooth and the attacks are very entertaining. I highly recommend playing this game if you are over 18.


Does anyone know when version 16.000 will get a public release?

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