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Love this game, can't wait for more!


you should add a mechanic where if there are 2 enemys near eachother and you start a sex scene then the other will come over and join in 


Will you be releasing this on steam. I LOVE THIS GAME and would love to see you make something on it. Keep up the amazing work, and please consider releasing it on steam. All love Toast

when will the public version get a new update?

o jogo parou de ser produzido? nunca mais tem atualização

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O jogo ainda está sendo produzido, as builds mais novas são para assinantes do Patreon.

Não sei se ainda vão atualizar a versão pública, mas tem uma boa chance da proxima versão pública ser após de terminarem a primeira batalha de boss( que no caso é a batalha contra o Bates, o Dragão)

Se quiser instalar as builds mais novas, vire assinante do Patreon da Full Frontal Frog.


i wish a new actualization of this wonderful game


are you going to launch oh so heroes for mobile? it would be nice to have a mobile version


There is quite a lot to load. Perhaps mobile devices would struggle to handle it without overheating idk


We will make an official statement about Android/mobile in December.

You could probably run it through Joiplay with the Ren'py plugin. Its pretty simple to use actually. Ill try it myself and get back to ya.

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the game wasn't made with Ren'py, I think the game was made with unity, so JoiPlay can't run the game.


Sorry for the very delayed responce. I found that out on my own. Sucks because I only have this Android device.


lança nova atualização por favor


do you have to find all the animations to get gallery mode?

also great game :)

Thanks! You can find out more about the gallery here:


Really fun game with simple controls and an enjoyable story.  The gameplay is really smooth and the attacks are very entertaining. I highly recommend playing this game if you are over 18.


Does anyone know when version 16.000 will get a public release?


an Android version, please, I would really appreciate it 


Quando terá uma versão para Android  🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


Will there ever be a mobile or android version?


Currently we're focusing on completing our first boss battle with Bates the dragon. Afterwards, we may set a goal for an Android version.


i see, well good luck on finishing it, in pretty sure u guys can do it (。•̀ᴗ-)✧


how do you get to the city and is the full game going to be released here on itch io. i found a crystal but is doesn't do anything

you find an item in the lab that make you able to do a new move : 

jump + (while your in the air) attack + down.

he then do a mario like attack and it breaks the huge blacs near the giant frog in the forest. you have a lot of new enemies and area. when you're stuck at the lab you're only at 60% of the current game.

In the gallery, after brask, theres a character i cant unlock, can someon tell me where it is???


Hidden in Brask's Palace!

how does one find Leon?


to louco pra jogar, todos os dias eu entro pra ver, desde a ultima att, :(


this is very good its rare to find someone putting so much detail into their game 10/10 amazing

For some reason after installing, the game won't start past choosing resolution

Vocês pretendem fazer o jogo para Android?

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Currently we're focusing on completing our first boss battle with Bates the dragon. Afterwards, we may set a goal for an Android version.

Atualmente, estamos nos concentrando em completar nossa primeira batalha contra o chefe Bates, o dragão. Depois, podemos definir uma meta para uma versão do Android.

pelo tempo, acredito que a proxima att vai ser o jogo completo de uma vez


Can I download it with joiplay with an Android

by linux do you mean mac or the chromebook


when is the next update gonna be released

The new linux build has the pink screen of death :(

How do you get the machine from Cas?

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looks like all you need to do is to talk to him, then you'll automaticallylearn a skill(c + down + x, press by sequence) that can break rock cube that blocks the way.

linux doesnt work

Yeah, the old build worked, the new one has the pink screen of the Death known to happen in unity games. I hope the devs fix when they can

If you can provide any extra info or an error log, it would help us solve this. Cheers~

Sorry for the trouble. We will try to get this fixed in a future update.


esta demorando muito pra nova atualização, estou ansioso para jogar

Is there a gallery mode as of yet? Or do I have to go through the game for the scenes I wish to see?

Gallery mode is available in the most recent patron builds: 0.16.000 and later.


The game have very unique animations, banger music and overall very well polished's quite unstable for me causing the game to crash multiple making me couldn't pass the beginning levels 

If there's anything you could do about it then I'd be very much appreciated

Cheers, Huang! If you would like to send us error logs, we can use this to deduce the issue. These can be sent to our community manager: Ribbit~


Hello, are you guys planning on adding voice acting in the future? The game plays great, keep up the good work! ^w^

Hi! Glad you enjoy the game. We have no plans for voice acting at this time.

but.. if the full game is released, it's in patreon right? kinda guarded for obvious reasons.

The full game is not complete yet. When it is finished, we plan on releasing it much like any other game that is released. Patreon is used for in-progress demo builds.

Okay! Good to know. Your patrons will have some ideas for the next build.

(+1) need to be a patron to question? oh well.. great demo

You don't have to be a patron to ask a question. Feel free to ask anything you want and we will try to answer when we have time.

It won't let me do the ground pound attack. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to jump and press the attack button midair, it doesn't work. None of my keys are broken

Down + Attack while in the air. You need to collect a special item before you can do it.

Lol, I read this JUST now. Thx for trying to help but I figured it out myself ^^ Have a great life either way <3


Such a nice game! Is there any way to add one of our own characters in the game (being enemy or playable)? Or all the characters are already planned for it?


Cheers! We have many characters planned for the future and some that will be created as we develop. For now, you can give ideas for species of NPCs to add, if you're a patron. We may open up potential for more specific input later.


This game is awesome so far!

You know what I think would make it a bit more enjoyable? A gallery where you can see all scenes of encounters with mobs you had!

And maybe translations to other languages but that can wait for me, I don't mind playing this game in English even if it isn't my mother language :)

Cheers! We have a gallery in the new patron-exclusive builds. Additional languages will be coming later!

hi, I have the previous version of the game and i'd like to know how do i keep my save through the newer version

Unfortunately, saves from versions before 0.15 are not compatible with this build or newer builds.


i cant seem to find lemiel or lago, are they in the patreon build? if so when will they be coming to the public one?


They are in the newest patreon build! We currently don't have any plans to release another public build.


thats a big oof for me, but may i ask why you arnt relasing a new one?

quando saira a proxima atualização? amo o jogo, me da muito tesão, não vejo a hora

Actualmente no hay planes. Síganos en Twitter para recibir noticias:

I like this game,and but after the last upgraded of the Microsoft window,i can`t play the game,does anybody have this problem?

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