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Does anyone know where you can find Leon?

Honestly I'm just hoping for an eventual android version so I can actually play, cause you definitely seem to be putting in a lot of effort with this game and I'm curious!


Just curious, will you guys be adding a gallery option to keep track of all the animations you've seen?


Yes! We're working on this currently and it should be available to patrons in the next month or two.


Oh sweet! Keep up the great work guys.


Loved this game to death, great animations and scenes that are all enjoyable. Question, are there going to be anymore pre-editions/demo's to play for free, or is this the last one? Again, great game!

Thanks, Di4blo! We haven't yet decided if we will be releasing another public demo yet. I figure we should know by the time summer rolls around. You can follow us on Twitter @FullFrontalFrog or other social media and we'll provide news when we've made a decision.


Sounds great, thanks for the reply!


Waiting for the Android port😌


I know how u feel.

XD same


I am so very happy that the game has been optimized. Unity really hates my pc, so the first version I tried oh so long ago would not even start up, but this version runs so very smoothly. Really lovely animations, I hope the game keeps being expanded upon <3


this game is amazing there are is SOOO much sex and SOOO many sex options! I was beating my meat the whole time and came close to cuming like 6 times! cant wait for the next update. this is probably my favorite game I've ever played and I wish there was more of its kind 



How to find the red gemstone in Brask's Jungle?


Via slide.

When will the next update come out?

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So uuhhhh…. Yeah! A pretty good game beat my meat so hard it’s now a burnt coal so uhhh yup 10\10 (Now I feel tired gonna go slEP)


thanks ^^


The time has “cum”….. So have I >:D

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I laugh last cause I nut in your eye.


The climax done, the pleasure subsides


This is the last reference I expected when "cumming" here lol

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Can you fix the game more it keeps crashing on my pc

Sorry to hear it's having problems for you. Could you please provide the error logs? You can find them by following these instructions:


hahaha I appreciated the ventrilo harassment reference x3

4 strength 4 stam leather belt! uggghhh~

Deleted 323 days ago

Currently you just have to be lusted by an enemy and not have them grab you. The patron build includes test controls such as the "L" key which puts you to 100% lust instantly. This will eventually be adapted into an in-game ability you can acquire called "Fap on Command".

ok thanks! great work by the way, I will be following your progress eagerly. the sheer number of animations is quite impressive UwU

p.s. the deletion of the other post was an accident in case you were wondering


Massive stability issues on the ZIP version, but the installer version ran flawlessly as long as I didn't load the save file I started on the ZIP version. More specifically, it crashed after I met a Goliath for the first time, then loaded the save and couldn't get past the first 20 seconds in the forest. ZIP version also had random crashes that I couldn't figure out a reason for. 

Thanks for letting us know. We're always working to make improvements. Could you please provide the error logs? You can find them by following these instructions:

We've received your logs and this is now in our issue tracker. We plan to release a patch for the game later this month. Hopefully we can resolve some of these issues by then. We appreciate your help!

Did you guys remove the 100% Lust key shortcut? Doesnt work for me anymore.

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It's a test control. Test controls are only available in patron builds!

It seems your latest update broke compatibility with the native client. The installer works independently, but the actual client fails to parse a valid install package.

I'm not sure what you're talking about. "Native client"?


Oh interesting. Didn't even know that existed. I modified some settings to mark the operating system for each file. Can you please try now?

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Fixed flawlessly! Thank you very much. 

Yeah, itch has had a client of its own for a bit now. I have no experience as a creator on it, so it may or may not help you there, but as a user one of the things it has is sandboxing the applications you install through it to help safeguard your system. That's not on by default, but still a very conscientious offering on the  platform's part, particularly given the nature of many of the projects hosted.

That sounds reasonable! Thanks for the information, Fen~

Always happy when I can be informative or helpful

already have the double penetration version?

When will they release a version for android?

We're making progress on this, but it's gonna take more programming work. More news to come in 2021.


wut about iOS version? Is there a way you can do that?


I know it's hard to make, but I wish there was a nude mode, maybe if you complete the game or through a cheat code?

but I REALLY want to have a "gallery mode" or a "free roam mode" where you can fool around with the enemies and top them without them fainting and have them to top you without damage

I'll probably not pledge on Patreon, but if you put for sale on Steam, I'll most definitively buy it

Hi! I really love this game. When will the next update come out?


I totally love the game so much. I'm wondering when are you going to release the newest version of the game here. Keep up with the great work.


I tried everything to load this game and it never works, but from what I seen this game looks amazing so far. Keep up the good work tho

lower the graphics quality want wait 3-5 minutes for the game to start

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Honestly, i was just wondering around on porn and i came across this, i was stunned by how great the animation looks and honestly, i wanted to see more of it, i tried to find more videos about it but i only found one....really a turn off: didnt use the special attack, only made sexy poses, never had an intimate interaction! So i got bored and searched for the game myself and oh boy this game sure doesnt make me bored at all ;)


Glad you enjoy it. We hope to have the next public demo out in the coming months!

holis disculpe tengo problemas con el juego, me abre pero despues se muestra sus logo y el uniti ya no carga se cierra por completo

que puedo hacer?

Lamento que se haya estrellado. Esta versión es muy antigua. Hemos hecho muchas correcciones desde entonces. Lanzaremos una nueva versión en unos meses. Además, Android es posible para 2021.

As a question, does the build stop at the forest? The platforms are deactivated, not sure if its a bug or just the end of the pre-built for now

This build stops at the end of Brask's Jungle in a dialogue convo with Brask. If you're still in Treewish Forest, you may need to "interact" with some statues that work as switches to activate certain platforms. In this version it's not entirely clear what they activate, but we're gonna improve that.


Ohhh!!! Thank you!


Wanted to say I got to the end of the build and I love it! (And I do agree with a bit of arrows on where to go, i got lost a few times) but still really good

Thanks! We hope you try our next public build we plan to have out by the end of the year. We have a ton of improvements and new animations in store!


God i fucking lov this 

is there a mac virsion

Yes, for patrons only right now though. We'll have a free, public Mac version available in a few months.


thanks so much

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No se que paso, se me bugeo el juego y ahora me salen dos rayas negras a cada lado de la pantalla ya reinstale el juego varias veces, ayuda porfa esto solo me comenzo a pasar en este juego 

Pd: pueden desarrollarlo en android porfavor

Lamento que se haya estrellado. Esta versión es muy antigua. Hemos hecho muchas correcciones desde entonces. Lanzaremos una nueva versión en unos meses. Además, Android es posible para 2021.


I love this game,but patr hs banned four of my accounts Do U have any other sponsors?

Thanks! Sorry about your accounts though. If you donate $6 on Ko-fi we will send you a new build of the game.

I still await the loan for Android

We're making progress on this. We've given a detailed update to patrons in our latest release, which also includes our first working Linux build!


My one major criticism is that there's, so far, no way to play one-handed.

Other than that, definitely looking forward to further developments and/or a Steam release!

Deleted 313 days ago

Please contact us directly over Discord so we can try to fix the issue: Ket#7408

might fix the demo your solution, awaiting answer uwu


sorry but i got the demo yet once i press X to continue all i see is a eternal black screen, any idea why? and thanks

Sorry that happened. This demo is old and there are several problems with it. We've fixed many of these issues in our code, but are currently only providing new builds to patrons on Patreon. We're working on prepping a new public build to be released in the coming months. We hope you can try playing again at that time!


i was wondering why that happened XD

welp all i can do is wait. So lets wait. -w-

hmm.. seeing the comentaries doesnt seem all have this issue, the game needs any app to be played? 
if you guys released an file, no matter how old sure it works and im missing something to play it


Thanks for the interest, everyone! We haven't had time to respond as much, but we're still making progress. Our artist recovered from COVID, but he has a huge workload. This is why we currently don't have an estimated release date for Pre Edition II. Nevertheless, we are working to get it released ASAP!


i love the game,but i just wish you could play it 1 handed (for obveous resons),so do you think you could move R arrow and L arrow to a and d and swap down x to s x? and id also prefer if space or w was jump


Eventually we will add key/button mapping features and other fap-friendly solutions. Ribbit~


Are you going to sell this game on Steam when you're finished?


That's still our plan!

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i have an idea of the enemy, that will use hypno powers on joe, making him go to have sex with closest enemy, and also would not easily be seduced.

when will the next pre edition be released?

Sorry for the delays. We will try our very best to have it out before the end of the year.


Please Android verson

We're still working to get the Android version ready. There are some technical hurdles we need to overcome first.

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